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The Shop

Located in one of South Portland’s Iconic Oil Tanks, Expanse Outfitters has set out to build a shop providing unmatched service for your classic Land Rover, Land Cruiser, or Unimog.

We take a detailed approach to all trucks that enter our shop, not only fixing active issues but identifying problematic areas requiring attention. We make sure that your truck can hit the open road or trail with peace of mind.



We offer a range of services from initial inspection & purchasing to full trail truck builds. Drop us a note or give us a call to discuss.


Maintenance is key

Purchasing a 25+ year old truck has it's challenges and often times issues from improper maintenance. We help keep your truck as reliable as any new car or truck on the road.   


Inspection & Purchasing

Whether you're thinking about purchasing or have recently purchased a truck, our Inspection services are an invaluable asset. We look over every inch of a truck providing an extensive report of it's current condition and any suggestions if repairs are necessary. 



We simply can't escape the winter road salt, it's just a fact of life here in New England. To save your new or old vehicle from becoming swiss cheese, we offer Waxoyl protection. We spray an internal cavity wax followed by an external hard wax for superior protection. Beyond lasting numerous years, another huge perk of Waxoyl is you can still work on your vehicle and not be covered in liquid goop like other products out there.


Give us a Call/Text or Email for more info:

(207) 370-7067


Operation Hours

Tuesday - Saturday : 9a-5p